ONEKA shampoos are all made with the same base of ingredients, including plants attentively selected for their toning, nourishing and PH balancing properties, our shampoos are suitable for all hair types. It’s the pure essential oils that set each of them apart by giving each shampoo it’s own entrancing aroma without the use of synthetic fragrances, along with some specific properties.


AROMA FIRST! For an entrancing experience with every use

ANGELICA & LAVENDER-The soothing aroma of lavender transforms a simple scalp massage into a grounding and restful experience. For a moment, you’ll be carried away to the heart of Provence and its purple fields.

CEDAR & SAGE -Invigorating and captivating, this shampoo awakens the senses like a walk in the woods. A deep breath and you will be transported to the forest by its rich and earthy aromas.

GOLDENSEAL & CITRUS-Like a ray of sunshine, the regenerating synergy of tangerine, grapefruit, and ylang-ylang essential oils in this shampoo will bring you energy and vitality.

UNSCENTED- Offering no aromatic experience, this fragrance-free shampoo leaves room for imagination. With every use, your mind will make you experience the escape it truly dreams of.

ADDRESSING HAIR TYPE CONCERNSFocusing on essential oil’s properties 

Since essential oils provide each product with its own benefits, it is also possible to select your shampoo according to your hair type and the hair concern you want to address. Here are more details on the properties of each of our shampoos:

ANGELICA & LAVENDER-dry and coily hair. This shampoo makes dry and coily hair lush and healthy by bringing out shine, suppleness and strength!

CEDAR & SAGEFor oily hair and scalp conditions This shampoo leaves the hair silky, supple, and lightened!

GOLDENSEAL & CITRUS For fine and curly hair This shampoo gives body, volume, and vitality to fine hair. For those with curly hair also obtain defined curls without weighing down.

UNSCENTEDFor sensitive skin and scalp This shampoo soothes the scalp and leaves the hair smooth, clean and shiny.


While each of our shampoos can meet specific hair needs, they can also be suitable for all hair types. The most important thing is finding the right product for YOU. It is possible to have oily hair and to prefer the effect of the Goldenseal & Citrus shampoo. It is also possible to have curly hair, but to prefer the smell of the Cedar & Sage shampoo. Etc.! So don’t limit yourself to these recommendations and dare to discover our different aromas to find your new favorite shampoo.

YOU MIGHT FIND THIS INTERESTING- Using a natural shampoo is a little different from using a conventional shampoo. Indeed, conventional shampoos contain aggressive and drying surfactants, as well as silicone which leaves a film on the hair. They also produce abundant lather, unlike natural shampoos like ours. But as any good hairdresser will tell you, it’s not the foam that cleanse!

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Taking care of your hair doesn’t have to involve numerous products and many complicated steps. Simple practices and a few well-picked products are enough to bring shine, strength and health to the hair, no matter its type. Discover our tips for a care routine that’s respectful both of your hair and your scalp, as well as the environment.

  1. Use Natural Shampoos and Conditioners
  2. Wash your Hair regularly, (but not too often)
  3. Shampoo the Right WayTip: Shampoo twice instead of once!*
  4. Hydrate your Lengths
  5. Avoid HeatTip: Let your hair dry completely (or almost completely) before going to bed. Rubbing your wet – therefore more fragile – hair on your pillow can be damaging!
  6. Brush your Hair
  7. Wear Protective Hairstyles
  8. Cut the ends regularly

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Is Oiling Hair Overnight Good or Bad?

Taking good care of your hair can sometimes feel like a full-time job. Researching products and using different methods to nourish your hair can be overwhelming. One of the topics that are at the center of mixed reviews is oiling hair overnight. 



Summer is here and lets protect our scalp and hair with the UV rays. Your scalp is especially prone to sunburns and UV damage, which is why about 10% of melanomas occur on the scalp. As you get older and your hair starts to thin, that’s when you become a little bit more susceptible because you don’t have as much natural protection of the scalp, Here are some examples of great products you can find to protect yourself head to toe.

Coola Suncare Organic Scalp & Hair Sunscreen Mist SPF 30

This spay works on both your hair and scalp. Not only does it prevent your head from sunburn, it’s also infused with rockstar organic ingredients: Gotu kola extract helps promote circulation for overall scalp health, while monoi oil offers UV protection. “It has a pleasant scent and keeps our scalps from burning,” says one reviewer. Dr. Reid approves of this spray to protect against the sun’s harsh rays.

*PROS- Smells great- SPF 30 protection for hair and scalp CONS- N/A

Sun Bum Sunscreen Scalp Spray SPF 30

This scalp and hair mist is lightweight and it has good-for-your-hair ingredients like algae. It’s water-resistant up to 80 minutes, perfect for the beach or sweaty days. “I used this for the first time on an eight-hour trip floating a river,” says one reviewer. “It got the job done beautifully and is perfect for those who still want a cute hairstyle while in the sun that involves exposed parts. Perfect for braids!”

Supergoop! Poof Part Powder SPF 35

Leave it to this beauty editor-favorite sunscreen brand to make an innovative “part powder” to keep your scalp safe. The mineral formula comes out in a powder form designed to be sprayed (or “poofed”) onto your part. “It will absorb sweat throughout the day and will not feel like a thick barrier,” 

A mineral SPF powder that protects your scalp from the sun’s UV rays. A powder that feels weightless with a matte finish. If you’ve ever gotten a sunburn on your scalp, this part powder was created for you. Formulated with mineral sunscreen actives, Poof protects your scalp from the sun’s UV rays with a non-greasy, virtually undetectable powder formula that’s super easy to apply. Plus, it’s formulated with a blend of silica and soft-touch powders that work to gently absorb excess oils. *Find this product on their official website or other beauty store such as Sephora

PROS- High SPF 45- Powder helps absorb sweat and grease CONS- Can leave a white cast on dark hair